Elsewhere: Yes to Wal-Mart, No to the Ground Zero Mosque

The leader of the movement against the mosque at Ground Zero is back. Her latest cause? Bringing Wal-Mart to NYC.

The Alliance for Quality Education called on Cuomo to spare schools budget cuts.

Gabrielle Giffords is breathing on her own.

The State Senate G.O.P is now saying no to the possibility of a millionaire’s tax.

Democrats rolled out committee assignments.

Louise Slaughter thinks its time Republicans and Democrats get together to talk about what can be done to “cool down” this country.

Andrew Cuomo says the state is ready for the blizzard.

The governor of Rhode Island is banning state employees–himself included–from going on talk radio.

Michael Grimm warned against any “reactionary legislation” in light of the Giffords shooting.

Having gone 12 years without a pay raise, judges are considering forming their own union.

Peter King says Muslim don’t rally along with the rest of the country during wartime.

The Senate G.O.P is following Cuomo’s lead and mandating ethics training.

Obama is popular across the river.

Elsewhere: Yes to Wal-Mart, No to the Ground Zero Mosque