Daily Mail Plagiarizes The New York Times [UPDATED]

With all the high-traffic stories about self-centered celebrities getting in trouble for refusing to turn off their phones when they fly, the timing is perfect for a “Will my cell phone really crash this plane?” explainer piece.

The New York Times thought so and ran a piece by Christine Negroni (good fake name alert) on January 17.

The UK’s Daily Mail thought so too and printed a virtual facsimile of the Times‘, with the byline Liz Thomas, yesterday, Romenesko points out.

We were going to go through and pull out all of the verbatim passages, so you don’t have to toggle between tabs as you relish giving Thomas a mental shaming, [Save your shaming for someone else! The Cutline reports that Thomas was on holiday and had nothing to do with the copied copy. Daily Mail is investigating what happened.] but there were too many. Total cut and paste job.

So what’s the protocol for this? Bow in shame? Academic probation? Flowers?

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Daily Mail Plagiarizes The New York Times [UPDATED]