Flynn defiantly done at sewerage commission

Passaic Valley Sewerage Commissioner Commissioner Bill Flynn resigned tonight, but told the governor’s office what for as he headed out the door.

In a letter to Deborah Gramiccioni, director of the authorities unit of the Office of the Governor, Flynn wrote, “For the record, in the five years that I have served as commissioner, I have recommended five out-of-work individuals for an interview for employment. All five passed the interview and were found to be qualified for a position paid at the lowest possible pay scale of the plant.”

Having resisted a letter last week demanding information from him, Flynn said today that he neither has – nor ever had – a relative employed at the sewerage commission.

“There are no individuals or companies that recieve compensation by PSVC that have been based upon my recommendation or support outside of my vote on their appropriate resolutions,” the ex-commissioner said.

Then he took aim at the atmosphere without naming names.

“The hard-working employees of PVSC do not deserve the negative and demeaning commentary that is occuring,” Flynn wrote. “I am hoping that with my resignation that at least some of the attacks will end and that they will be able to continue to perform their duties at the high level of professionalism and dedication that I have experienced both as a commissioner and a plant employee for three years.”  

Flynn defiantly done at sewerage commission