'Gossip Girl' Teaches Fans How to Social Climb on Facebook

In anticipation of tonight’s “Gossip Girl” — Dan and Blair as W interns! Fetching coffee for Stefano Tonchi! — The CW today unleashed an interactive Facebook game that’s as over-the-top and campy as the show itself. It’s called “Gossip Girl: Social Climbing,” and it’s not the first time the show has dabbled in tech-based synergistic marketing: characters have checked in on Foursquare and Dan once used Loopt to find Serena at The Plaza (though did he really need a smartphone to know that Serena would be at The Plaza?)

Fans will be able to play the game from today until Friday.

“For the first time ever, fans are able to experience the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite through show and game integration,” the press release read.

The Observer couldn’t resist, so we logged onto the Facebook app and dove right in. “Will you be the next Queen Bee or are you destined for disaster?” Gossip Girl asked us in the form of a text blast. No disaster for us, thank you very much.

But after asking a few seemingly simple questions the Social Climbing machine informed us of this damning verdict: “I hereby dub thee Bridge and Tunnel. It’s your first stop on the road to becoming a famous Glitterati.”

Well then. “Bridge and Tunnel” we may be, but players can accrue points by attending parties such as a Club Opening at Club Victrola, Pity Party at Marvell, or Club Hopping at Polo Pony. Hell of a time!

And all this “social climbing” on Facebook can pay off in real life, as users can “score an invite to a big Fashion Magazine cocktail party.” A bit of a letdown, no? Take it from us, kids: W may be glamorous and all, but a fashion magazine cocktail party is still a media party, and media parties are pretty hit-or-miss. Trust us, we’d know.

Check out a taste of the action below, and go on over to Facebook to play.

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'Gossip Girl' Teaches Fans How to Social Climb on Facebook