Hang Your Head and Wave That Towel, Lady Liberty

The moment you’ve all been waiting for since the clock ran out Sunday night in Pittsburgh: Which New York City landmark should be adorned with a Terrible Towel?

As per a mayoral bet, since the Steelers beat the Jets, the glorified warshcloth (that’s Pittsburghese) will hang from somewhere in the city, and The Observer asked readers where was best?

Just shy of half the votes went to The Observer‘s own choice, the Statue of Liberty. A terrible towel waving from her bronzed hand really does just seem perfect, doesn’t it?

The next pack of votes came, we believe, from our BroBo readers, as the Brooklyn Bridge won second place with 19 percent of the vote. Third place was, what else, the Empire State Building, which got 16 percent of the vote and could just have been lit up black and gold–maybe they should do that anyway.

Only 12 percent of the vote was sunk into the Gowanus, meaning there are probably more Steelers fans than Jets fans living in New York. And the Chrsyler Building and Frank Gehry’s 8 Spruce Street apartment tower tied for last place with seven votes, or three percent.

For all you Pittsburgh ex-pats, more than a few readers made pizza recommendations, for those hungering for Mineo’s. The favorite seems to be Exclusive Pizza at 810 West 181st Street.

mchaban [at] observer.com | @mc_nyo Hang Your Head and Wave That Towel, Lady Liberty