He Spent How Much on Drugs? The New Details of Charlie Sheen's Epic Downward Spiral

Charlie Sheen’s much-publicized embrace of gratuitous drugs and prostitutes came to an end last week, when a trip to the hospital forced him to throw in the towel and enter rehab. But look at all he endured along the way! Who knows how he kept on trucking despite an incident at the tony restaurant Daniel (a naked Sheen in the bathroom covered in cocaine) an incident at The Plaza (a babbling Sheen locking a call girl in a closet and flailing around the room) and an incident at a hotel in Las Vegas (incomprehensible emails to a hooker sent from an AOL account).

These may be the greatest hits of Charlie Sheen’s career as a drug-abusing Hollywood punching bag, but what about the deep cuts? For instance, what was an average night with Charlie like, and what was the total damage done during these last six months? RadarOnline has the goods.

Here’s Charlie Sheen’s meltdown by the numbers:

  • $500,000 spent on drugs and prostitutes.
  • Tens of thousands of dollars a night on drugs alone.
  • The 8-ball, the size of cocaine purchase he preferred.
  • Cars! $17,000 on a Mustang for one girl, $8,000 on a BMW for another.
  • Countless $10,000 bottles of red wine, which he would unapologetically take to the face.
  • And the biggest number of all: $250 million, the amount CBS stands to lose in potential syndication deals if he leaves “Two and a Half Men.”

One more essential piece of the puzzle — Sheen prefers smoking cocaine to snorting it. What a charming personality quirk! Let’s hope the CBS show does return so they can work that little bit of info into a future episode.

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  He Spent How Much on Drugs? The New Details of Charlie Sheen's Epic Downward Spiral