iPhone Users: Exchange a Crumb of Dignity for a Smidgen of VIP Access at Sundance

An iPhone app from New York-based GoldRun made just for the Sundance Film Festival plants virtual polar bears around Park City.

Users can take a picture with one of these bears and gain access to some VIP-only events, according to a press release.

GoldRun makes “augmented reality apps” — a generic term that usually refers to superimposing media over objects in the real world. GoldRun also recently released that app that lets users take a picture with superhottie Brooklyn Decker.

In GoldRun’s apps, this amounts to a primitive version of Photoshop on the go. Take a picture of your kid, then pretend he’s holding a giant pretzel!

At Sundance, users will be posing with the polar bear from the logo of bootmaker Sorel, which partnered with GoldRun for the promotion.

“From January 20th-25th, play the ‘Run with the Sorel Bears’ run by tracking down and snapping pics of Sorel bears hiding out all around Park City. Email your photos to sundance@goldrungo.com for a chance to win access to private Sorel-hosted events and cool Sorel gear. Each emailed pic is another chance to win. And don’t forget to post your pics to the Sorel Facebook page,” GoldRun says on its blog.

This app comes straight from the GoldRun formula. The company has done these slightly-augmented reality social media promotions For H&M, The Today Show and isleptthroughwhat.tumblr.com, created by a blogger who imposes photos of his sleeping friend “Kevin” on images of scenes that would be difficult to sleep through.

Social media marketing is kinda lame, though. How about an app that turns everything into an Andrew W.K. party?

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iPhone Users: Exchange a Crumb of Dignity for a Smidgen of VIP Access at Sundance