Is Accel’s Arrival In Silicon Alley A Sign of Things to Come?

New York is the new VC battleground.

There were a few stories this morning about the news that Accel Partners, one of the top three venture capital firms in the nation, is opening an outpost in New York.

But by and large there wasn’t much comment from local VCs on the issue, until Lerer Ventures’ Jordan Cooper raised the issue on Twitter:

How is my feed not blowing up with news of Accel opening NYC office? Top 3 firm in the country planting a flag here.

“Seems to me forgone conclusion all the top VCs will have offices in NYC in next 12 months,” replied Founder Collective’s Chris Dixon.

“True & awesome,” chimed in Vinicius Vacanti, co-founder of Yipit.

Cooper elaborated on his thoughts in an email to The Observer. “I think they will be the #2 choice of every NYC entrepreneur raising a VC round after USV…they’re top 3 in the world…it’s a big deal. Hurts the Boston guys who are trying to plant flags here big time…out of towners are going to have a hard time competing on brand alone against the likes of Accel.”

As Fred Wilson wrote this morning, finding money is no longer the challenge for talented New York start-ups. The tough part is taking the right money and finding the rare talent.

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Is Accel’s Arrival In Silicon Alley A Sign of Things to Come?