Is Mayor Bloomberg Keeping His Opinion Editors Out of the Newsroom?

David Shipley and Jamie Rubin, the co-executive editors of the new Bloomberg View editorial department, will not work in Bloomberg LP’s massive Lexington Avenue offices, reports Forbes Mixed Media.

Instead, they’ll be in the Upper East Side office of the Bloomberg Family Foundation.

A Bloomberg spokerson said it was merely a matter of space and they would be able to work in both, but Jeff Bercovici’s insiders say it’s because Bloomberg’s interaction with the company is so highly regulated. Keeping them on the Upper East Side “enables Mike to meet with them, talk to them, have influence over what they write.”

From the outset, the of Bloomberg editorials were meant to be “consistent with the values and beliefs of the founder–even if he happens to be the mayor of New York City,” Bloomberg News editor in chief Matthew Winklers told the The New York Times. “I fully expect us in our Bloomberg View always to reflect those values. In fact, I want people to come away from reading the Bloomberg View infused with those beliefs and values,” he said. 

But a nebulous set overarching “beliefs and values” tied to the Bloomberg brand doesn’t mean the Mayor and media mogul can blur the lines between his 501(c)(3) foundation and his for-profit media company, Bercovici points out.

“[It] can’t simply lend its space to a for-profit company, and even if it rents the space to Bloomberg LP, it may have to pay tax on that income. The Bloomberg LP spokesman could not immediately say whether the company would be paying rent to the foundation,” he writes.

In December, Bloomberg LP announced it would be publishing editorials accross it’s “vast media enterprise in an effort to broaden the company’s influence on national affairs,” according to the Times. Bloomberg enlisted The New York Times‘ Op-Ed editor David Shipley and Clinton administration diplomat James Rubin to helm the newly dubbed Bloomberg View. :: @kstoeffel



Is Mayor Bloomberg Keeping His Opinion Editors Out of the Newsroom?