It's Time to Get Excited for Bill Cunningham New York

There’s a film coming in March about Bill Cunningham, unsung hero of curbside couture, peerless photographer, a fashion eye with endless taste and enthusiasm. He’s the editor of On The Street, the page in the New York Times Styles section that cobbles together Cunningham’s favorite looks that he found while turning his lens on New York City. And during Fashion Week he’ll set up shop right by those first steps to Lincoln Center, dutifully capturing the men and women who take pride in wearing clothes well. Last September he’d be there, no matter how early or drizzly, shutterbugging the hours away. Then, at the last minute, he’d take his spot inside by the runway — Bill always has the best seat in the house, too. Bill Cunningham is truly a fine man and a legend.

That’s why we’re very excited for Bill Cunningham New York, what appears to be an exquisitely done documentary on his life and work. It opens at Film Forum on March 16. Be there

Here’s the trailer, which opens with Anna Wintour. “I’ve said many times that we all get dressed for Bill,” she says. The whole thing is just the classiest.

Watch it here. It's Time to Get Excited for Bill Cunningham New York