Jane Pratt And Tavi Gevinson Now Hiring For Your Dream Job

JanePratt.com–the Tavi Gevinson-Jane Pratt Sassy for digital natives–is hiring a Senior Editor, according to a job listing posted on Mediabistro yesterday. Even the job description reflects the casually cool, whip-smart vibe of Sassy.

JK. It sounds like every other job listing ever.

“You must be a self-starter with a strong attention to detail who works well with a team.”

The “About Our Company” is equally nondescript: “First came Sassy, then came Jane, now Janepratt.com is coming! We’re an online magazine that is in the process of preparing for our official launch with Jane Pratt as our editor-in-chief.”

In July, Pratt introduced JanePratt.com, which said “Coming This Fall.”  Then in November she picked up Gevinson and it now says “Coming Soon.”

Apparently they didn’t find everything they’re looking for in Gevinson’s open call when the venture was first announced.

“If you want to be a part, email us. MagazineSubmissionsAreFun@gmail.com, because we haven’t decided on a title yet,” she wrote.

And apparently Jane Pratt is holding her ground on the name front!

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Jane Pratt And Tavi Gevinson Now Hiring For Your Dream Job