Jeff Zucker and Katie Couric Talk Reunions

You know how in When Harry Met Sally, Harry and Sally have really great chemistry but can’t make it happen for themselves until they’ve had a few break-ups and seen their exes move on?

Well, Katie Couric and Jeff Zucker are talking about making a syndicated television show together according to The Post.

Couric and Zucker go way back; Zucker produced The Today Show when Couric hosted. It became the most-watched morning news show and made both of them stars. Since being pushed out of NBC as it gets together with Comcast, Zucker has reportedly made plans to open his own production company on Park Ave. Katie Couric left NBC for CBS in 2006, but it’s not entirely working out. She is reportedly coming up against a paycut when her contract expires in May.

“They’ve made magic before, there’s no reason they couldn’t do it again,” The Post‘s source says.

Go for it, guys! We know how this one ends. :: @kstoeffel

  Jeff Zucker and Katie Couric Talk Reunions