'Jersey Shore' to Take A Field Trip to the Motherland

Visiting the country of your ancestral origin is a formative experience. You come to understand yourself. Your tastes and interests gain new contexts. You get to have a nice long plane ride.

But do you get to have a “sure-to-be mini-bottle laden plane ride?” This is how MTV describes the voyage the cast of “Jersey Shore” will take to Italy, the chosen location for the show’s fourth season. There, they will reconnect with their ethic identities, immerse themselves in a foreign culture, get blackout drunk, have sex with each other, flex, study the works of Dante, take in a day of art at the Uffizi gallery, tan until dark orange, and get blackout drunk again.

TMZ ran rumors of the new locale earlier today, and then MTV confirmed it. The release is written with a lot of voice.

While “Jersey Shore” is a popular program internationally, there are bound to be plenty of people oblivious to “The Situation” and his colorful cronies, as well as the circus of debauchery they bring with them to every locale. Who knows how the OGs of Italy will react to our self-proclaimed guidos and guidettes? Luckily, Vinny’s got first generation family (wait, there’s more of them?!) who’ll be nearby to offer up heaps of comfort food and some guidance on the cultural ways of “the beautiful country.”

There are obvious Godfather allusions to be made here — “laying low in the old country,” Apollonia, etc — but this reminds us more of Everything is Illuminated. You think Snooki’s read it?

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