Kate Middleton Quits Job to Prep for Gig as World's Greatest Palacewife

Smiling princess-to-be Kate Middleton is a working woman. When she’s not busy dress-shopping or doing other things to plan for the bombastic 3D broadcast of her wedding to Prince William, she holds down a modest job as a website designer and photographer for Party Pieces. And her parents are her bosses! Nepotism can be so adorable.

But it looks like Kate won’t be putting together Christmas catalogs for much longer. The Daily Mail reports that she’s quitting the gig to prepare for the April 29 wedding and to settle into the full time job of being the world’s prettiest prettiest princess.

She will be missed it looks like!

According to one friend, Kate, who helped organise parties in her former guise, has taken on the role of wedding planner with ‘gusto and energy’.

The friend, who was quoted in Hello! magazine, said: ‘Catherine is a naturally creative individual and has spent her professional life in the creative industries having worked at Jigsaw, then as a website designer, photographer, marketer and events organiser. Skills she has built up in her working life translate naturally to organising a wedding.

Her hubby, however, will keep his job in the Royal Air Force. Your move, feminism.

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Kate Middleton Quits Job to Prep for Gig as World's Greatest Palacewife