Keith Olbermann For Senator!

…is what some people are saying on the Internet.

They go by “Stranded Wind” and are operating a Draft Olbermann campaign out of the Daily Kos, plus Twitter and Facebook.

They have the following qualifications:

We worked on the Draft Halter effort in Arkansas. We worked on both the Alaska and Arizona Senate races. We did some other things for several other Senate races that we’re contractually bound to not disclose. We already have what it takes to carry this effort through to the point where Mr. Olbermann would need to form an exploratory committee. I’m excited to have a possibility like this to work on in an off year, even if it is a tremendous long shot.

We don’t understand why it’s called Olbermann 2010 not 2012. We think it’s weird that they’re anonymous. We think they probably wrote O. :: @kstoeffel Keith Olbermann For Senator!