Kim Kardashian Did NOT Buy in Justin Timberlake's Building; Hotelier Trades Lawyer at 15 CPW

— When it was reported earlier this week that Kim Kardashian was looking for an apartment in New York, The Observer‘s heart leapt for joy. Not so much because we love the voluptuous vixen–do we ever, though–but because we thought we might have found out where she bought. Yesterday, a deed popped up in city records declaring that KK SOHO 6G LLC had purchased a two-bedroom condo at Soho Mews. It was too good to be true! After all, this is the building where Justin Timberlake just bought.

Alas, it was too good to be true. A call to listing broker Shelly O’Keefe of the Corcoran Group revealed that this was neither Kim nor Kourtney nor any other member of the Kardashian Klan, who did just open up a store in Soho. The buyer of the $2.395 million pad remains as mysterious as those gravity-defying derriers.

— Analyze this! The Cohr Group, a Swedish company specializing in “psychological and business-related assessment of top and middle management,” as the group’s Web site puts it, just bought a beautiful limestone townhouse at 244 East 62nd Street for $3.85 million, according to city records. That is a good bit down from the most recent ask of $4.25 million and an original price of $4.795 million. Either those business skills are indeed stellar or the townhouse recovery ain’t everything it’s cracked up to be.

— Curbed spotted the sale of the dog-a-rific four-bedroom co-op at 960 Fifth today. The sprawling 13-room spread owned by Palm Beach mall magnate Murray Goldman came on the market almost exactly two years ago for $32.5 million. It finally sold last month for $18.875 million, a pretty hefty price cut. The buyer was Benjamin Steinbruch, a metals magnate.

Jeffrey Carlstead could not double his money on his 12th-floor unit at 15 Central Park West, like his neighbors are trying to do. He still turned a nice profit when the one-bedroom was bought in November by the chairman of White & Case, Hugh Verrier, and his wife Celia. They paid $3.37 million, according to city records, while Carlstead, a San Diego hotelier, paid $2.59 million in a 2008 sponsor purchase.

— The eastern penthouse at FLAnk’s coppery 385 West 12th Street was sold to JASPER 385 LLC for $9.16 million earlier this month, according to city records. Curbed first reported the sale, but The Observer was certain we could crack the code. Alas, as close as we got was a buyer who also has an address at 110 Central Park South. Know who that might be? Let us know at the email below!

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Kim Kardashian Did NOT Buy in Justin Timberlake's Building; Hotelier Trades Lawyer at 15 CPW