Lance tries to squelch Larsen with healthcare repeal vote

After toughing out a Republican Primary last year in which three Republicans ran to his right – and staring at the possibility of at least one of those candidates running against him again in 2012, U.S. Rep. Leonard Lance (R-7) plans to vote for the repeal of President Barack Obama’s healthcare law.

“I rise today in support of HR 2, an important first step toward implementing sustainable health care refom that our nation can afford,” Lance said on the floor of the U.S. House. “The health care law passed last year includes sleights of hand used to mask the true cost of the measure. Sor example, six years of entitlements and subsidies are paid by ten years of taxes, and premiums are collected for the first ten years for a long-term care program with no benefits during that period.” 

Front and center on camera at national Tea Party events and a staunch ally last year of unsuccessful 6th Congressional District candidate Anna Little, Tewksbury businessman David Larsen shows early indications that he is eager to pursue Lance again next year.

Excoriating Lance for the freshman Republican congressman’s aye vote on cap and trade, Larsen ultimately netted 31% of the vote to Lance’s 56% in the 2010 GOP Primary.

Lance’s allies groaned that the congressman was against prez health care plan long before Larsen ever ran.

Lance tries to squelch Larsen with healthcare repeal vote