More on the job front in the Assembly

The Assembly picked up where it left off last week, passing several bills Monday to spur jobs and the economy.

The lawmakers adopted numerous measures, providing low-interest loans to developers of  “green’’ buildings, streamlining the red tape in business permits, offering uniform applications for small businesses applying for financial assistance, and approving development of alternative energy facilities on landfills and quarries.

Some of the measures were as specific as allowing the sale of motorcycles on Sundays, or allowing certain wineries to participate in tourist-oriented promotions.

Most of the laws passed by large margins without discussion, but Assemblyman Scott Rumana (R-Wayne) raised an issue regarding the exemption of the Pinelands from being used as sites for wind turbines. He said that while he appreciated the concern for the environmentally sensitive swath of land, the Legislature in the future needs to take into consideration the needs of residents overall when weighing where wind energy facilities can be constructed, since he said they can be noisy and have harmful effects on some wildlife. He said that wind energy can be a good technology when used in the right location.

Assemblywoman Annette Quijano (D-Elizabeth) said this law was designed to focus on solar energy because it would be an easier issue at this time, and acknowledged that some towns have issues with windmills.


More on the job front in the Assembly