Morning Read: Aftermath

Mayor Bloomberg said the shooting of Arizona congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords pointed to the need for stricter gun laws.

Rep. Carolyn McCarthy said she will seek to ban the type of high-capacity semi-automatic-weapon magazines used by the shooter.

The City Council is preparing to grill the Bloomberg administration over its blizzard response.

The Times says the outrage is not about snow removal–it’s about the mayor

The Sanitation Supervisors Union will not be testifying.

The State Assembly has signalled that they are willing to a cap on local property taxes in exchange for stricter rent regulations.

Gov. Cuomo will hold a summit with legislative leaders in the executive mansion to discuss reform and the budget.

Cuomo is already getting hits for not making the meetings of his Medicaid task force public.

More than a year after its parent union placed the New York City District Council of Carpenters under supervision because its leader was charged with racketeering, the council remains influenced by the mob and is still a source of cash and illicit benefits for a select few, according to a recent assessment.

Latinos are gaining power in the State Senate.

Kathleen Parker is leaving Parker/Spitzer

A look at the effort to save the Harlem Day Charter School.

State Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli used his inauguration speech Sunday to call for oversight of state pensions and promised close scrutiny of Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s first budget proposal.

Wal-Mart execuctives are planning to boycott a City Council hearing over their plans to open up a superstore in N.Y.C.

G.O.P. State Sen. John Bonacic is urging his colleagues to make good on the rules reforms they talked about when they were in the minority.

Bail bondsman haven’t been paying up.

New York is the first state to add tax fraud to whistle blower laws.

  Morning Read: Aftermath