Morning Read: Because They Could Chuck, and it's Different Than What They Would Chuck

A look at Andrew Cuomo’s lawmaker hosting style.

Andrew Cuomo has a 71 percent approval rating

President Obama nominated J. Paul Oetken to be a federal judge in Manhattan. If confirmed, he would be the first openly gay man on the federal courts.

Schools suspensions have doubled since Mike Bloomberg took control of city schools.

Daniel Halloran revealed the name of the DOT whistleblower who revealed the alleged sanitation dept. blizzard slowdown.

Jon Stewart was named to the board of the 9/11 Memorial and Museum.

Mike Bloomberg told Donald Trump to hold off measuring the drapes for Tavern on the Green.

Andrew Cuomo is looking to shutter three state prisons in New York City.

And Cuomo will likely call for the closing and consolidation of some juvenile justice facilities when he releases his budget next week.

Yesterday’s snowstorm response was much improved.

Mike Bloomberg, on his Feb. 2 rematch with Staten Island Chuck: “If you want to know how much wood a woodchuck would chuck if a woodchuck would chuck wood, I’d be happy to have that discussion with you. Or could Chuck. Because they could chuck, and it’s different than what they would chuck, you know.”

Kirsten Gillibrand scored a key post on the Armed Services Committee, the same committee that Hillary Clinton served on.

Attorney General Eric Schneiderman Thursday declared war on pension abusers, tax frauds and corrupt contractors by forming a unit to go after government cheats.

Roughly one-third of Nassau County’s 10,000 employees had yearly salaries north of $100,000 in 2010 and 24 were paid over $200,000.

Under the “last in, first out” seniority system, school principals would be forced to use teachers with “unsatisfactory” ratings to fill jobs if the city lays off instructors.

Funeral arrangements for Guy Velella.

Eight city senators may lose their leases since they overspent on offfice rent.

The region’s three major airports are close to capacity.

  Morning Read: Because They Could Chuck, and it's Different Than What They Would Chuck