Morning Read: Blaming Everyone Else

Bloomberg was disappointed that Obama was silent on guns last night

Mayor Bloomberg has installed countdown clocks at City Hall so participants are aware of how long they are droning on for.

Cutting Medicaid in Wisconsin is a whole lot easier than cutting it in New York.

Official in western New York want counties to control Medicaid spending

The NRA compared Mayor Bloomberg’s efforts to get guns off the streets to his snow removal capabilities: “He likes to blame everyone else for violent crime in New York City. He’s also blamed Mother Nature for his recent problems with snow removal.”

Daniel Halloran has backed away from charges that there was a sanitation worker slowdown during the snowstorm as evidence has proved elusive.

The Senate G.O.P is trying to change chamber rules that give the tie-breaking vote to the LG

Mayor Bloomberg’s coalition against illegal guns is having trouble influencing Washington.

Andrew Cuomo is hosting a fundraiser for his re-election bid, but the invite say that the funds will be used to take on the special interests in Albany

Michelle Rhee and Joel Klein want Andrew Cuomo to change the first-in, last out rule.

A group of pro-reform educators is bucking the UFT.

Congestion pricing could be due for a comeback, Adam Lisberg reports.

There will be a special election in Rochester to replace Robert Duffy.

New York led the nation in job cuts.

David Valesky is calling for non-partisan redistricting.

Micah Kellner writes in about wine in grocery stores.

Cuomo tapped a former aide to head-up the Ethics commission.

Cy Vance wants more power to fight white-collar crime.

A ban on e-cigarettes passed the Assembly.



Morning Read: Blaming Everyone Else