Morning Read: Highfalutin Philosophical for my Academician Friends

A look at The Committee to Save New York, a special interest designed to counteract special interests.

Tom Duane will introduce legislation to legalize same-sex marriage “within weeks.”

Al Sharpton at yesterday’s King Day event: “Our grandmothers are afraid to go to the corner store. That might not be highfalutin philosophical for my academician friends, but that’s real life.”

Sarah Palin quoted Martin Luther King and told Sean Hannity, “they’re not going to shut me up.”

Newt Gingrich said Palin should “slow down and be more careful” with her words.

At the top of Mayor Bloomberg’s Albany agenda is a renewed push to change a law that protects from layoffs city teachers with the most seniority.

Anthony Weiner says that a rollback of the new health care law will cost New York $3 billion.

The Bloomberg administration is refusing to send Sanitation Dept. reps to the Council’s outer borough blizzard hearings.

Bloomberg defended Cathie Black’s birth control crack: “The public sector, people parse what you say and take in different ways than they would in the private sector. Imade plenty of mistakes when I went from the private sector to the public sector.”

The agency that monitors trade schools has nearly gone defunct due to lack of funding.

One percent of New Yorkers earn 44 percent of all income in the city.

Violence is up in the city’s housing projects.

The lobbying commission is finally about to be seated.

The Post knocks DOT Commish Janette Sadik-Khan’s blizzard response.

The Indy Dem caucus is floundering.

Morning Read: Highfalutin Philosophical for my Academician Friends