Morning Read: State of the State of the Union

It’s State of the Union day. Here’s what to watch for.

The two parties are sitting together, but will they stand together?

Supreme Court Justice Samuel “Not True” Alito will be in Hawaii.

Some of the rest are still trying to decide.

Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan will give the Republican rebuttal.

Chuck Schumer is already going after him.

Minnesota Republican Michele Bachmann will give a Tea Party response.

Mark Penn has some last-minute advice for the president.

Matt Bai would like to have seen more online innovation from the president.

State Senator James Alesi dropped an odd lawsuit that was drawing criticism from within his own party.

The Senate went crazy over a new seating arrangement yesterday.

But also unanimously confirmed Andrew Cuomo’s new health commissioner.

The MTA is sticking with SAIC, the company behind CityTime.

Keith Olbermann is tweeting; Glenn Beck is insulting him.

Rahm Emanuel is still campaigning. Morning Read: State of the State of the Union