Morning Read: The Numerous Echoing Passages

Once again, this city is shut down.

Ed Mangano, the Nassau County executive, said he was considering a lawsuit to block the state takeover of his county and accused the authority of wanting to raise property taxes and urged taxpayers to question its “motivation.” He has accused the board members of having partisan Democratic sympathies.

What happens if they open the second floor of the statehouse and no one comes?

The Dan Halloran camp is pushing back on the notion that he fabricated the sanitation dept. slowdown.

The DN says he’s got to fess up.

Blacks and Latinos have been disproportionately hurt by the housing crisis.

State lawmakers are quietly discussing ethics legislation that could require elected officials to further reveal the extent of their outside income and business clients.

A new report shows that there is an education funding gap of $788 million between schools with a high percentage of poor students and the wealthiest districts. Higher income schools also spend $37,664 more per classroom each year, the report said.

A new crop of Tea Party legislators think that Albany politicians should receive a defined benefit conribution plan.

Fundraising season is about to begin.

Joe Crowley was cleared of any wrongdoing.

If you watched President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address on Tuesday night with a copy of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Jan. 5 State of the State speech in hand, you could have made a parlor game of underlining the numerous echoing passages, Casey Seiler says.

Five new G.O.P. senators already are beging targeted the teacher’s union.

Former McCain aide Mark Salter is thought to be the author of O

Morning Read: The Numerous Echoing Passages