Musician Web Marketer FanBridge Buys Damntheradio

Nothing says “rock and roll” like an awesome social-media presence. With that in mind, Fanbridge — a company that creates a “bridge” between “fans” and artists, if you will — has closed a deal to buy Damntheradio — a company that facilitates artist audience growth on Facebook, the radio be damned (if you will). TechCrunch reports:

The amount of the acquisition is not being disclosed, but it is a combination of cash and stock somewhere in the low seven figures.

According to its website, Fanbridge aims to act like a “nerd best friend” to performers, performing analytics on and maximing the value of their online followings. Damntheradio says that subscribers to its services can more easily “Capture Likes, shares, comments, and emails in a way that feels rewarding.” Fanbridge aims to charge $9 to $250 a month for nerd-best-friend services; Damntheradio is looking for a fee of somewhere around $30.

Fanbridge has also raised $2 million in venture funding, according to TechCrunch:

Super angels Jeff Clavier (SoftTech VC), Chris Sacca (Lowercase Capital Capital), and Dave McClure seeded FanBridge with $350,000 in March, 2009. They are all back in this $2 million round via SoftTech VC, Lowercase Capital, and 500 Startups, respectively. Joining them are First Round Capital, Founder Collective, Grape Arbor VC, and Alex Zubillaga.

(A guitar wails in the background.)

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