Nannygate Star Makes Comeback at 936 Fifth

Congress may have blocked Zoe (Baird)  Budinger‘s nomination to be Bill Clinton’s attorney general when it was revealed she employed illegal immigrant help. But she seems to have had better luck with a Fifth Avenue co-op board.

Ms. Budinger and her husband, William Budinger, have purchased a $6.35 million three-bedroom unit at 936 Fifth Avenue. The seller is nightgown queen Carole Hochman. The couple also owns a home in Aspen, but with a 40-foot exposure to Central Park, it looks like they’ve landed a pretty sweet spot here. The apartment was listed with Stribling‘s Inez Wade only recently in August

Ms. Budinger, a by-all-reports brilliant attorney, withdrew her name from consideration to be Mr. Clinton’s top legal eagle when it turned out she hadn’t paid Social Security for her nanny and chauffeur (making her, of course, the first wealthy New Yorker ever to have done so). Ms. Budinger now makes about $500,000 a year as president of the non-profit Markle Foundation, “dedicated to the development of communications industries that address public needs,” according to its Web site.

Mr. Budinger is the founder of technology manufacturer Rodel Inc. He holds a dozen patents related to semi-conductor chips, which are in pretty much everything manufactured since 1970.

In case you were wondering, unlike many of those regal old co-ops, there’s no dedicated bedroom for the hired help.

Nannygate Star Makes Comeback at 936 Fifth