New York-Pittsburgh Wager: Readers Weigh-In

On Tuesday, we reported that Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Pittsburgh mayor Luke Ravenstahl placed the classic politician wager on who would win Sunday’s big match-up between the Jets and the Steelers. Only there was one twist: both city leaders asked their constituents for suggestions on what they should place on the line.

We asked our readers for similar suggestions, and got a host of responses.

Among them:

“I think the two mayors should donate an agreed upon amount to either the Fallen Heroes Fund (Pittsburgh) or the 911 Heroes Fund (NY). Quite frankly there is no contest between our Primanti Brothers sandwiches and New Yorks Coney Island dogs.” –Michelle Gesin, Butler, PA

“Why not just be boring and obvious, and bet pizza v. pierogies?  We invented pizza here in NYC.  Stroll through Pittsburgh and you see that pierogies is the fast food of choice there.”– Seth A. Miller, New York, NY

“My suggestion is for the losing city to donate food to the winning city’s food bank.  Many people would benefit from this.   GO STEELERS!!! “–  Joanne Docherty, Pleasant Hills, PA

“I think Bloomberg should bet a jar full of that maple sugar smell vs.a brick of smoke.” — Stephen S. Power, Maplewood, NJ

City Hall says that the actual terms of the bet will be released tomorrow.

President Obama has said that if the Chicago Bears win their conference match-up that he will head to Dallas for the Super Bowl. At his press conference this morning, Mayor Bloomberg was asked if he would make a similar commitment in case the Jets win.

“I have already been lobbied by both of my daughters. I have sworn on Bibles, Korans, everything, that if I go I would take them, and yes I would probably go on February 5,” the mayor said. “I just think the first thing is not to worry about February 5. The first thing is to worry about this Sunday. It would be great for New York, it would be great for New Jersey too. It would be great for the whole region if the Jets were to win. They are a come from behind team. Nobody thought they would be where they are today and I think they’ve got a great chance.”

Meanwhile, another cross-river kerfluffle has been created after New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie tried to claim the team as the Garden State’s own.

“Today when they’re practicing, where are they practicing? New Jersey,” Christie said. “And when they play their homes games, where do they play? New Jersey. And where do most of their players live? In New Jersey.”

Bloomberg was also asked if he would like to fire back.

“I can get in to a contest with the governor of New Jersey, who I have had dinner with a few times and like, or I can duck the question,” the mayor said, before ending the news conference.











New York-Pittsburgh Wager: Readers Weigh-In