Next Media Animation Looks Ahead to 'Jersey Shore' in Italy [WATCH]

This week, MTV announced that it would be sending the cast of “Jersey Shore” to Italy, to reconnect with the culture they have barely any connection to at this point. Naturally, Italian-American groups are less than pleased, and one can imagine that the country of their visit must be apprehensive as well. Italians will spend the time imagining the potential mayhem Sammi Sweetheart, Pauly D, The Situation, Jwoww, Snooki, Ronnie, and Vinny will cause.

Yes, what will this crew get into once it says “arrivederci!” to the Garden State and “ciao!” to Europe? Next Media Animation has an idea. The CGI recapping of the travel news was whipped up quickly, as these NMA things typically are, and it depicts a little romp through Italy with poor-to-decent approximations of the cast. They’re thrill-seeking (renting jet skis to flip the Venetian gondoliers), politically active (partying with Berlusconi, who’s surrounded by women) and down for authentic Italian food (fist-pumping their way to Olive Garden).

Wishful thinking perhaps, but we all have dreams. Watch the video below.

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