'No Love' On Tonight's King-Weiner Date [Video]

Congressmen Peter King and Anthony Weiner were together on MSNBC this morning, talking about their big date tonight.

“We still feel the same way now that we did then,” King said, after a video clip of their famous exchange on the House floor last summer. “There’s no love here.”

But King said the pair was an example of two congressmen fighting hard for their constituents, and who ultimately have the same goal, even if they frequently differ on the means.

Weiner will be joining King on the Republican side tonight, which is slightly out of step, since it’s King who has crossed the aisle of late, bucking his party on the 9/11 health care bill and the censure of Congressman Charlie Rangel, and dismissing party orthodoxy to call for tougher gun control laws in the wake of the Arizona shooting. Weiner, on the other hand, has criticized the president for his recent bipartisan posture.

“I want to be there sitting next to Peter in case he comes up with an idea that’s correct, which rarely happens with Peter,” Weiner said. “Peter reached out to me. Obviously it was his wife’s idea, because he doesn’t get good ideas on his own, as I’ve already pointed out.”

Without minimizing it too much, Weiner tried to put the seating arrangement in perspective, and he played down the minor controversy over whether Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi should sit with Majority Leader Eric Cantor.

“They’re actually going out to a candlelight dinner and dancing afterwards, I expect,” Weiner said. “Let’s remember something: the news from the speech is the speech.”


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'No Love' On Tonight's King-Weiner Date [Video]