NYC’s Pixable: We’ll Get 10 or 20 M. Users, Then Worry About Making Money

You might know Pixable: it’s  the company that prints posters of Facebook photo mosaics. Founded by two MIT grads in 2008, now based in New York City, raised about $3.85 million so far, according to VentureBeat.

Pixable just released a Facebook app that the blog Inside Facebook is already saying could become “2011′s breakout application.” It’s calledPhotofeed, and it aggregates photos and tries to present the photos users will find most interesting using an algorithm called WonderRank.

[WonderRank] analyzes dozens of variables associated with a Facebook account and acts as a personal “photobot,” scouring Facebook for the photos that users will find most interesting. This targeted experience is enhanced by the ability to “follow” friends and receive notifications when they comment on, are tagged in, or upload new photos,” according to a press release.

Pixable has no business plan for the new app—Pixable’s CEO and cofounder Inaki Berenguer says there’s no monetization model. “The problem is so huge, our goal is to build a massive audience, 10 or 20 million, and then we’ll figure it out,” Berenguer told Inside Facebook.

One glaring problem: Pixable’s success depends on Facebook, which could add similar technology in its photosharing app at any time. Facebook hosts billions of photos — 10 billion had been uploaded to the site in 2008 — and it will be surprising if the company doesn’t add more sharing and organizational functionality.

Pixable’s success will depend on how well it can establish itself outside as well as inside Facebook. The company will release apps for the iPad and iPhone, and follow up with other venues later this year.

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NYC’s Pixable: We’ll Get 10 or 20 M. Users, Then Worry About Making Money