Party Party Party With Andrew W.K. at 4chan

Long-haired rocker Andrew W.K. is hosting a party—at 4chan!

Mr. W.K.’s song “Party Hard” was memeified at 4chan and other goony websites into a series of animated .gifs like the one above.

On New Year’s Eve, Mr. W.K. tweeted: “I love @4chan. PARTY PARTY PARTY! It’s New Year’s Eve!” with a link to a 4channified music video for his song, “Party Party Party.”

After seeing the tweet, 4chan’s administrators (or maybe just founder Christopher Poole, a.k.a. Moot) contacted Mr. W.K. and invited him to do a live Q&A on the site. The live chat is set for February 13 at 7 p.m.

Already some 4chan haters are groaning about “newfags”—new visitors to the site who aren’t versed in its customs and vernacular. But they always do that.

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Party Party Party With Andrew W.K. at 4chan