Poll: Vast Majority of Voters Support Cuomo Initiatives

It turns out that New York voters don’t just like Governor Andrew Cuomo–they like what he plans to do as well.

A new Siena College poll released today shows that a vast majority of New Yorkers support Cuomo’s financial initiatives. Eighty percent of respondents supported the governor’s proposed budget and more than two thirds of respondents believe that, because of Cuomo’s proposals, New York will become more business friendly in 2011.

Additionally, the 11 specific proposals that Cuomo listed in his “State of the State” speech – which included closing the state’s budget deficit without raising taxes and a push to have legislators disclose their full income – were found by the poll to be popular initiatives by respondents.

“Voters tell Siena that they strongly support 11 of Governor Cuomo’s State of the State proposals,” said pollster Steven Greenberg in the poll. “Four of the proposals have the support of at least 83 percent of all voters and at least 75 percent of every demographic and geographic group of voters.”

The poll comes on the heels of a Tuesday poll that put the governor’s favorability at a whopping 70%- the highest for Cuomo in the past year.

The only initiative that looks problematic for Cuomo is the question of whether the state should extend the personal income tax increase for those earning more than $200,000 which is due to expire this year. In this case, Cuomo wants the tax to expire but 55% of respondents want the initiative to be extended.

“The Governor claims his election meant he has a mandate from the voters on the issues,” Greenberg said. “While Cuomo may or may not have an issue mandate, for the moment, as we await his first Executive Budget,  voters certainly support the Governor on these issues that he talked about in the State of the State address.”


Poll: Vast Majority of Voters Support Cuomo Initiatives