Rangel Plays Coy on Who His SOTU Date Will Be [VIDEO]

Charlie Rangel appeared on Good Day New York this morning and was pressed on who his seating buddy would be at tonight’s State of the Union.

“We are pretty certain that we have several dates and we don’t know which one I am going to pick,” the longtime Harlem congressman said.

When pressed by host Rosanna Scotto later in the show, he said. “I am not being coy…It’s early. It’s not until 9 o’clock this evening. We have been talking because we want to do something dramatic and make certain that our effort is something that people will know. And so I suspect that a lot of people expect me to be with one of the most conservative Republicans, but we don’t know.”

Rangel is in something of a difficult spot here. Rep. Peter King was the only Republican to vouch for him during his censure trial, and he already has a date. Anybody else from across the aisle would have to feel pretty safe in their home district before they agree to buddy-up with Rangel, who remains pretty toxic in Republican areas.



Rep. Charles Rangel Previews State Of Union Address: MyFoxNY.com Rangel Plays Coy on Who His SOTU Date Will Be [VIDEO]