Remember Your Laundry On Jesse Middleton's Dime

Last weekend Jesse Middleton hacked together an SMS app called HitYouBack, which sends you a text message reminder at a set time. It took him 21 hours.

“I honestly did it to solve a simple need I had… My wife yells at me for forgetting things all the time,” Middleton said. He had the idea on Saturday night and coded it up on Sunday.

Middleton built the handy reminder tool using Twilio, a platform that makes it easy for developers to add text messaging and phone calls to applications. Twilio also powers popular New York startups GroupMe and Hashable.

Send a text to 484-819-0577 with the text of your reminder preceded by the time you’d like the reminder delivered (or the number of hours you’d like to wait before getting “hit back”).

Each reminder costs Middleton $.06 to accept and deliver, so it will be a challenge to fund if it gets hugely popular.

Middleton is co-founder of GetMinders, a yet-to-launch startup that helps people keep track of their health regimens through a system of text message and phone call reminders. He doesn’t make a habit of building cool free apps on the weekend–his GetMinders partner is in London and so Middleton was bored, he said–but he once speed-built a similar text message app that allows restaurants to accept customer suggestions via text message.

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Remember Your Laundry On Jesse Middleton's Dime