#RIPRickyGervais: Piers Morgan Is A Social Media Genius

Ricky Gervais may still be trending from last night’s flame ball monologue, but the true Golden Globes media winner is Piers Morgan.

Golden Globes host Ricky Gervais got noticeably less screentime after his incendiary opening. Some said that’s standard for awards show hosts, but fellow Brit and Larry King successor Morgan jumped on the conspiracy train, tweeting, “What the hell happened?” and “Gervais not seen for an hour now,” starting the hashtag “#whatthehellhappened.”

With the help of his 180,000 followers, a mini-meme was born. Now America’s Gervais fascination is piqued (“Damn. Ricky Gervais must carry his balls around in a wheelbarrow.” “Why don’t you have a twitter Ricky Gervais?”) just in time for Gervais to appear on Morgan’s new CNN primetime interview show, Piers Morgan Tonight, on Thursday.

Piers Morgan Tonight launches tonight in Larry King’s old time slot, with Oprah Winfrey as the first guest. Media reporters speculate that CNN hopes Morgan’s tabloid-trained candor and ability to draw big name celebrity guests will boost its primetime rating, which it has been losing to Fox News and MSNBC.

Golden Globe winner (and self-described lookalike) Colin Firth has also visited Morgan’s studio. His interview will air next week.

Is this a massive British recolonization media conspiracy? Possibly. But in America it’s just called synergy.

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#RIPRickyGervais: Piers Morgan Is A Social Media Genius