Rudy on 2012: 'I'd Try to Win'

Rudy Giuliani continued his tour of the talk show circuit yesterday with an appearance on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight. Asked about his presidential ambitions, Giuliani said he gleaned an important lesson from his disastrous 2008 campaign, and that he would do things differently in a 2012 bid.

“I’d try to win,” he said.

Specifically, Giuliani said he was too focused on building a national campaign geared to catch John McCain, instead of focusing on the states that could help him win the Republican primary.

“I had a great national campaign, and a terrible primary campaign, and it should be reversed,” Giuliani said. “You’ve got to win primaries in order to get nominated.”

Despite the constant swirl of rumors, Giuliani has yet to declare his 2012 candidacy and he has kept the campaign strategizing hypothetical. There are plenty of reasons to doubt both his seriousness and his viability, and some observers have speculated that he’s more likely to take on an informal role as an adviser to another contender. When Morgan asked Giuliani his opinion on Sarah Palin, he was quick to praise her as a viable candidate.

“She’s the most dynamic figure, maybe, in politics–even more dynamic in some ways than President Obama, who’s a little more scripted than she is,” Giuliani said. “He is great with the teleprompter.”

When Morgan asked if Palin could win the presidency, Giuliani hedged, saying she could win the Republican primaries but that “it depends” whether she could defeat Obama head-to-head. He also mentioned that Palin running might prompt him to join in the fray, as her far-right image could help highlight his credentials as a centrist Republican alternative.

Here’s video, courtesy of The Hill‘s 2012 blog:


Rudy on 2012: 'I'd Try to Win'