Sandra Lee Visits NYC Food Bank; Does Not Make a Tablescape

“Semi Homemade” TV chef and de-facto first lady of New York State Sandra Lee continued her tour of the state’s food banks today, stopping in the Upper East Side’s Yorkville Common Pantry.

And in keeping with her typical modus operandi, Lee avoided all questions that did not immediately pertain to the work of the food banks. All questions relating to her relationship with Gov. Andrew Cuomo were left unanswered or cut off by her press handler.

Her press representative made it clear to reporters before Lee arrived that she would not be answering questions about government, or her companion, for that matter. 

Lee herself made reference to her well-noted ability to pivot, using a question about where the food bank receives its donated chicken as an opportunity to shift attention to a lack of baby supplies at food banks.

“This would be a great thing to write,” she said. ” I know what you want to write but write something for me would ya? There’s a real need when it comes to baby stuff like similac and formula and diapers.”

This was her ninth food bank visit in the last month. The final stop will be tomorrow in Elmira. 

At the press conference this afternoon, the Yorkville Common Pantry was presented with a $10,000 check to support their efforts by Sam’s Club, a division of WalMart Inc. In total, the company is donating $100,000 to food banks throughout the state in $10,000 increments.

Lee was also promoting the Great American Bakesale that will be held in Grand Central Station on March 29, which she will co-host with her TV peers Mario Batali and Emril Lagasse. After that, Lee will then return to the food banks and host individual bake sales at each food bank.

At the Yorkville Common Pantry, Lee took some time to wash the lettuce for collard greens and then complimented the chefs on their chicken with a Worcestershire marinade. While it was fairly understood that the event was essentially a photo opportunity, Lee admitted she wasn’t totally prepared for such an occasion.

“Sorry I didn’t do my hair or makeup today, but we’re at a food bank,” she said as she arrived.


Sandra Lee Visits NYC Food Bank; Does Not Make a Tablescape