Sexy Vampire Show Drums Up Controversy With Ads Telling Kids to 'Catch VD'

“Skins” might be a bad example for kids to follow with all its cool-looking sex and drugs, but The CW’s “Vampire Diaries” is taking even more of a direct route in killing the innocence of The Youngs. Right now, there is a billboard in Times Square that instructs onlookers to “Catch VD.” Yes, there is a sign, smack dab between a Mamma Mia! poster and The Disney Store, telling us all to go and catch a venereal disease.

Entertainment Weekly has the photographic evidence. Here’s the offending ad, in all its glory.

The CW flack has this to say: “VD simply stands for Vampire Diaries, and anyone who thinks otherwise should probably get themselves checked out.”

The Observer has this to say: Yeah right! It seems impossible that the execs didn’t know the implications here — especially given that it was The CW who plastered New York with the famous OMFG “Gossip Girl” ads. These posters would couple a damning quote about the show — “Mind-blowingly inappropriate!” said the Parents Television Council — with a picture of the beautiful cast members naked and sucking face. They were so incredibly awesome. So we have no problem with these “Catch VD” posters — it’s good, flashy, conversation-starting ad copy.

And, hey, it’s working. We acknowledged this show’s existence for the first time! Expect a ratings boost.

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Sexy Vampire Show Drums Up Controversy With Ads Telling Kids to 'Catch VD'