'SNL' Does Jimmy McMillan for President [VIDEO]

Jimmy McMillan, played by a pitch-perfect Kenan Thompson, took to the “Saturday Night Live” “Weekend Update” desk to explain his reasons for running for president.

“I am just hoping to appeal to more mainstream Republicans without losing my political base–novelty votes,” he says. “That is why if elected president I will not live in the White House, because the rent is too damn high. I will instead live in a seventh floor walk-up in Baltimore and I will commute to the White House via roller skates.”

McMillan/Thompson also explained what happened to him in November:

“I was defeated for governor by the narrowest of margins, 65-1. So I called up the new governor, Perry Cuomo, to congratulate him,” he says. “The people of New York spoke loud and clear, Seth. They said Jimmy McMillan is too good to be governor. He needs to at least be president. And that is why in 3012 I am running for president of New York. Watch out Grover Cleveland!”

Take a look:

'SNL' Does Jimmy McMillan for President [VIDEO]