Sorry AT&T, Verizon's iPhone Is a Hotspot, And a Phone

Everyone knew that Verizon would find some way to differentiate itself from AT&T when it began offering the iPhone today. 

But few expected the announcement that the Verizon iPhone would support tethering, acting as a mobile hotspot for up to five other devices. 

For AT&T users, who have trouble getting a reliable phone signal for just that one device, this has got to sting. 

Twitter is ablaze with speculation over how AT&T will respond, but the real speculation is now focused on the data/pricing plans Verizon will offer. 

Word of unlimited data has been swirling for days, but nothing official was announced at the presser. 

It will all be sorted out before Feb. 3, when the iPhone 4 goes on sale for Verizon. 

Apple fanboy and iPhone lover MG Siegler was in town for the launch and tested the two networks side by side – results of his preliminary test via Twitter –


  • The Verizon 3G speeds versus the AT&T 3G speeds in this room are quite humorous. 
  • As in, one is very fast. The other switches between dog slow and not working. I’ll let you fill in which is which. 
  • Okay, a hint. #attsucks. 

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Sorry AT&T, Verizon's iPhone Is a Hotspot, And a Phone