Startup Apparel Makes Pithy T-Shirts for Founders

Entrepreneurs can now wear their tweets on their sleeves, as fashion designer Gemma Aguiar has launched a line of t-shirts for founders.

Ms. Aguiar started the line after she moved to the Bay Area and “found myself hanging out with a bunch of startup peeps.”

T-shirt slogans include “Co-founders do it better,” “Will work for equity,” “HU$TLE” and “It’s all about the #startuplife.” The description of the #startuplife shirt says: “A shirt dedicated to the hashtag that helps you describe your startup-related angst, joy, and everything in between, i.e. my eight hour workday just turned into 24. FML. #startuplife.”

Subscribers to Startup Digest are being offered 50 percent off today for the first 100 shirts ordered. Got an idea for a shirt? Contact Startup Apparel and they might make it for you.

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Startup Apparel Makes Pithy T-Shirts for Founders