Subways Making Us Sick — And Not Just the Delays

Mass transit is great! It’s cheaper than driving, better for the environment and, like a reusable shopping bag, gives its users a sense of urban entitlement. Too bad it’ll make you sicker, too.

The Daily News brings word of a scientific study in Nottingham, England, that found mass transit riders get sick about six times as much non-riders. So it looks like Airborne is good for buses and subways as well as planes. Better start popping them along with that first cup of joe.

What’s worse, underground crime is up in the city, too.

At least New Yorkers can take some solace in the news that the more you ride, the less likely you are to get sick, as regular riders build up immunities more readily.

So this begs the question for all those poor souls in South Brooklyn who just lost much of their subway service until May: Is it healthier to trudge through the blustery winter weather or hop on the nearest bus?

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Subways Making Us Sick — And Not Just the Delays