Talk about backpedaling

Assemblywoman Cleopatra Tucker (D-28th) from Essex, who had introduced legislation that would have required every bicycle in the state to have a license plate, withdrew the proposal Thursday after criticism of unintended consequences.

“My intention was never to impose a burden or additional costs,’’ she said in a release. “My goal was to at least begin a discussion of how best to protect elderly pedestrians.’’

She said in published reports that she had proposed the bill after hearing complaints from senior citizens about kids on bicycles. However, there were concerns from environmentalists who feared the bill would actually decrease, not increase, bicycle use, and from bicycle enthusiasts who questioned the bureaucracy of administering such a regulation.

“No idea is perfect,’’ Tucker said in her release. “But protecting elderly pedestrians deserves attention. I would encourage everyone to give thought to how best we can protect elderly pedestrians and suggest solutions.’’

Tucker could not be reached immediately Thursday morning for more comment.

Talk about backpedaling