Text Uber, Get a Cab

The San Francisco startup formerly known as UberCab has its eye on New York. Uber is looking for an Operations & Logistics Manager as well as a Community Support Manager in the city.

UberCab — now called Uber for legal reasons — contracts with car services to deliver on-demand transport via a mobile app. Users can order a cab with one click using the app, which directs the car to you by GPS. Then you tell the driver where you want to go. You pay $8.00 plus $4.90 for every extra mile and $1.25 a minute for idling. When you reach your destination, your phone asks you to accept the charges, which are billed to the credit card number you’ve given Uber. A receipt is emailed to you, and each party is given the chance to rate the other.

Uber got rave reviews in San Francisco where cabs are sparse. But it’ll be harder for Uber to break into New York where cabs are plenty, Caroline McCarthy writes in a lengthy story at CNET.

There’s also a local competitor already here — TextACab.

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UberCab Demo from UberCab on Vimeo. Text Uber, Get a Cab