The First Verizon iPhone Commercial [WATCH]

No more “Droid Does.”

Verizon has uploaded its first self-congratulatory iPhone commercial to YouTube, and it’s just about the opposite of the ridiculous robot-themed campaigns it’s been running to promote Android phones.

The Android ads were dark and scary, with evil-looking machines poking at touchscreens with their creepy metallic fingers.

By contrast, the iPhone ad shows people! Smiling!

The spot opens with a montage of ticking clocks, tapping feet, wringing hands, doodles in a notebook, as Verizon’s customers wait for the mythical iPhone. Then a vintage clock flips to 12:00 and a girl smiles. The iPhone logo flashes, followed by the Verizon logo, followed by the logo for Verizon’s “Rule the Air” campaign, followed by the words “It Begins.”

A little melodramatic, but at least it’ll give us a break from the Droids and their doings.

Watch the ad below.

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  The First Verizon iPhone Commercial [WATCH]