The Tech Bubble Is On Twitter

The runaway success of Twitter might seem to some deep thinkers like a sign of the coming Apocalypse, or at least the end of long form journalism. 

But for those keeping an eye on the some-might-say bubble in the tech industry right now, or just looking for a little levity, it’s good to know that The Tech Bubble has its own Twitter account. 

Tech Bubble started in late November and has collected 3,299 followers so far. A few choice highlights:

  • Walked by homeless man with sign: “50% off; $10 and I’ll act like you gave me $20; only 2 hours left
  • Top break-up line in 2010: “I’m sorry, but I need to pivot”
  • Andrew Mason, when asked about Groupon’s new $950m: “What? I’m so high right now. Is it 2012 yet?”

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The Tech Bubble Is On Twitter