Tourists Bothering Brooklyn, Too: Rogue Rotors Buzz Borough's New Parks

What good is a brand-new waterfront park if you can’t enjoy it in peace? That is the complaint surrounding Brooklyn Bridge Park, which opened last year and was one of the best projects of 2010.

According to the Daily News, the city convinced those tourist-thronged helicopter tours not to hover over the park and the city’s oldest bridge anymore. Some scofflaw pilots are skirting the ban, though, and it’s got the park’s designer and Brooklyn Heights residents (never an entitled bunch) up in arms once again.

“We have started to build a park that everybody seems to like quite a lot at considerable public investment, and the noise is horrendous and disturbing,” Michael Van Valkenburgh told the Daily News. He said the overflights are ruining the park’s “zen-like connection to the openness of the water” — admittedly hard to maintain in a noisy city. “It’s like the straw that breaks the camel’s back,” he said.


“The greatly heralded agreement has been disregarded by many pilots,” said Christa Rice, 70, of Brooklyn Heights. “It’s like a giant screw turning over and over. It comes right into your bedroom, your living room. Everywhere you are you hear it.”

And they thought the condo developers were the bad guys.

With a record number of tourists in New York, these sorts of conflagrations are bound to continue. They’re already clogging the sidewalks and the bridges. Pretty soon tourists will be stacked on each other, forming into the shape of high-rise condos, and the entire Brooklyn gentry will lead an uprising against their sky-dwelling overlords

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Tourists Bothering Brooklyn, Too: Rogue Rotors Buzz Borough's New Parks