VCs Do Blog Battle For Mindshare

In recent years traditionally reclusive venture capitalists have come out of the shadows and stepped into the limelight, often via personal blogs. 

Larry Cheng of Volition Capital has been tracking the top VC scribes in terms of their monthly unique visitors since 2009. 

A number of New York VCs broke into the top ten. Chris Dixon came out of nowhere, moving from off the list entirely to take the fifth spot with 20,988 monthly uniques. First Round Capital’s Charlie O’Donnell grabbed the sixth spot. 

Fred Wilson, sadly, traded the top spot for number two. Y Combinator’s Paul Graham is now king of the blog pile, with 97,000 monthly uniques.

As Erick Schonfeld notes, 72 percent of bloggers on this list saw their monthly traffic drop. He posits they are blogging less, although its just as likely they are devoting more time, and getting more eyeballs, on sites like Twitter and Quora. 

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VCs Do Blog Battle For Mindshare