What Twitter Taught Us: Josh Groban Makes Melodies of Kanye’s Tweets

THE TWEET: My book is officially out today! "A Shore Thing" baby! Wohoooo !

WHAT WE LEARNED: Snooki's writing style is the product of intense lifelong restraint -- prior to embarking upon A Shore Thing, the "Jersey Shore" star limited herself to just one book to inform her purview. That book was Dear John by Nicholas Sparks. How did this groundbreaking experiment pay off? Head to your local bookstore and find out.

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THE TWEET: It was an honor to sing these. I sincerely hope he doesn't lash out at me with sick floetry.

WHAT WE LEARNED: There was always something -- a cadence, a subliminal genius -- lurking beneath the materialism and mispellings of Kanye West's Twitter account. What else, besides the obvious, is there to glean from "Whatever happened to my antique fish tank?" But when paired with the mom-magnet voice of classical superstar Josh Groban, these tweets acquire depth, beauty, brilliance. And 'Ye -- feel you about that marble conference table, bro.

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THE TWEET: in the house: tina brown!

WHAT WE LEARNED: Tina! You have two publications now, not just one! How can you go to Michael's and order the Steamed American Red Snapper with Chorizo Cannellini Bean Cassoulet when you have all that work to do. And we knew you weren't wining and dining your newest poach. Media moguls don't do that anymore.

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Russell Brand is not a "moral idiot."

THE TWEET: I'm editing the words "Huckleberry Finn" out of all my NWA albums.

WHAT WE LEARNED: After an Alabama publisher announced plans to take a certain charged epithet out of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, literary purists scoffed. Despite the word's connotation, they argued, why mess with Twain's unimpeachable intent? It took someone like Russell Brand calm the commentariat with a witty little aside.

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THE TWEET: New Starbucks Logo: Mermaid plugging ears after hearing waaay too much Norah Jones.

WHAT WE LEARNED: Jason Gay, The Wall Street Journal's hilarious daily sports columnist -- and former Observer writer -- managed to take shots at both the irritating Starbucks packaging and its unwavering support for milquetoast faux-throaty singer-songwriters. Dead aim at two of its most irksome aspects! All this ire came about because the burnt-bean java empire unveiled its new logo today. It doesn't have the words "STARBUCKS COFFEE" encircling the mermaid lady anymore. An improvement, if anything.


THE TWEET: punk rock died when aged critic said "punk's not dead, punks not dead"

WHAT WE LEARNED: David Chang, the renowned kitchen master who rules over the Momofuku restaurant empire, got called some pretty nasty stuff by former New York Times dining critic Mimi Sheraton this week. "I really don't take him seriously as a chef," she said in Capital New York. Burn! Don't worry, she doesn't like Sam Sifton or, um, all of Brooklyn either, so you're in good company, Dave. Plus: touche on the response.

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