When Pedophiles With Guns Are Outlawed, Then Only…

Upper West Side Congressman Jerrold Nadler reintroduced legislation today that would close a loophole that he says would keep guns out of the hands of sex offenders.

“Today, there is still a dangerous and inappropriate gap in our law when it comes to keeping Americans safe from predators with guns,” Nadler says.  “Let’s once and for all act to prevent people convicted of misdemeanor sex crimes against children from having access to dangerous weapons.”

Nadler’s office says that according to federal law it is illegal for a person convicted of a felony to own a gun, but it is perfectly legal if the person has been convictedof a misdemeanor sex crime against a minor.  The Keep Kids Safe Act of 2011 would close this loophole.

We have reached out to the National Rifle Association for a response, and will update when we receive it.

In other local gun-related news, Rep. Peter King’s bill that would prohibit guns at federal events attended by members of Congress, was also introduced today.

King has received much criticism for the bill, which has been perceived as giving special protection to himself and his colleagues.

“While this legislation would not prevent all shootings at public events,” King said, “police experts tell me it would be a valuable tool toward preventing attacks such as the tragic assassination attempt against Rep. Gabrielle Giffords.”

He added that the “main purpose of this bill is to encourage citizens to attend these public events by giving them a greater sense of security.”


When Pedophiles With Guns Are Outlawed, Then Only…